2018 Student Contest

Winning poems will be published in, and receive a copy of, the 2019 Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar.

Also, cash prizes in each division: 1st place $75; 2nd place $50; 3rd place $25.

JUNIOR DIVISION (grades 6 - 8) and SENIOR DIVISION (grades 9 - 12).

** Now Open for Submissions **

DEADLINE: Saturday, January 13, 2018 (e-mail or postmark date)

Rules for Submission
Students may enter ONE poem, which must be the student’s own work. Maximum length: 24 lines (which includes stanza breaks, but not the title). Line length 60-character limit, including spaces and indents. Plagiarized poems, longer poems or multiple entries will not be accepted. POEMS CO-AUTHORED BY MORE THAN ONE STUDENT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Students need to be attending a school (or be home-schooled) in Wisconsin.

A student’s previously-published poem or their poem that has won an award (except this contest) is still eligible. Include publication or award information.

E-mail submissions are preferred and strongly encouraged. In the subject line, write: WFOP Contest and your Last name and First name. For example: WFOP Contest - SmithJoan.

     -- Send the poem as an attachment: .doc, .docx or .pdf are best. Use your name (just like the subject line) for the attachment. For example, name your document: “SmithJoan.doc." The document must contain only your poem and its title.  Do not put your name or any other information in the document.

     -- In the body of the e-mail please include all information requested below in sections A, B, and C.

Postal submissions: Submit two copies of the poem, printed on white 8.5 x 11 inch paper in a plain 12-point font. Do not add graphics or decorations. On both poem copies: POEM AND TITLE ONLY—no author’s name or initials. On a separate page, submit the following information:

     A: The student’s name, home address, e-mail address if available, telephone number, student’s current grade in school, and the title of the poem.

     B: The teacher’s name, e-mail address if available, the school’s name, school’s complete mailing address, and school phone number (home-schoolers:  indicate home-school association, if applicable).

     C: Important!  At the bottom, include the following statement: “This is my original work” followed by the student’s signature (for postal submission) or the student’s name typed (for e-mail submissions).

Winners will be notified and posted at: wfop.org/contests

Email entries to: wfopstudents@att.net

Snail-mail entries to: 

Lewis Bosworth
2829 Barlow Street
Madison, WI53705-3621
ATTN: WFOP Student Contest