Wisconsin has a long and distinguished history of publishing poetry, which is maintained today.

Bent Paddle Press

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Bent Paddle Press is a venerable institution that's been around since, oh, 2016 or so. It’s a small thing, there’s Steve Tomasko, chief designer and comma herder and Jeanie Tomasko, chief poem organizer, awesome critiquer and aesthetics checker. (If you want to read more about Jeanie and Steve Tomasko and see their poetry and books, see their website here.)

Bent Paddle Press endeavors to not only publish great poetry (which is, of course, the heart of the matter), but to design beautiful books. To order chapbooks, please click on store.  Bent Paddle Press also offers editing and design services (for any project, not just poetry). Read more on the Editing and Design page.

At this time Bent Paddle Press is taking submissions of manuscripts by invitation only.

Brain Mill Press
A story-first publisher founded by authors, Brain Mill Press was founded in 2014 by two bestselling authors with over twenty years’ experience in the publishing industry, Brain Mill Press is a small, independent publisher of “love books for humans.” Our goal is to build a catalog of radically authentic stories and poetry about all facets of the human experience with love, understood as broadly as possible.

Each of our books are sold in three editions — a fine first edition, ebook, and a mass market print — and are available at libraries and wherever books are sold.

727 S. Jackson St.
Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: (920) 212-1403

Fireweed Press
Jeri McCormick, jerimccor@tds.net
638 Gately Terrace, Madison, WI 53711