Ron Czerwien


Ron Czerwien is the owner of Avol’s Books, LLC, which sells used & out-of-print books on the internet. His poems have appeared online and in a number of print journals. Ron serves on the board of The Council for Wisconsin Writers. His chapbook, “a little rain, a little more,” was published in 2018 by Bent Paddle Press. In his free time Ron creates collages using images cut from old magazines, some of which can be seen on his Instagram account @czerwienron. You can find out more about Avol’s Books at

a little rain, a little more, Bent Paddle Press (2018), order here.


The White Book

I possess two snowflakes that are exactly alike. I keep
them pressed between the pages of the world’s coldest
book. The story is about an emotionally distant father,
who lives even farther away, and his son’s journey to
reach him. The story unfolds over the course of one hour,
then repeats itself twenty-three more times, or until
the reader falls asleep inside the memory of a blizzard
at night, the only car on the road covered and still.


One crow picks
At a knot of muscle and blood,

Another in my neighbor’s hickory
Complains, complains, complains...

We forget to be astonished.

How else do you explain
Oak leaf shake and shimmer,

Tambourines and hallelujahs
In a late September gust,

Or the evening’s theme song:
A little rain, a little more...

Never the same, never the same.
Oh love, forget me often.