Patricia Carney

Patricia Carney is the pen/maiden name of Patricia Jursik. 
Address:  4535 S. Sheridan Drive, Cudahy, WI 53110

Patricia Carney lives and writes in Cudahy, Wisconsin, along the shores of Lake Michigan. A member of Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and South Shore Poets, her poems have appeared in, Bramble, Wisconsin Poet’s Calendar, Poetry in the Prairie, East on Central, Blue Heron Review, and Bards Against Hunger. She has read her poems throughout the region including the public inauguration of the New Cudahy Family Library outdoor amphitheater.  Her first Chapbook, Birdbrains was a collaborative effort with member of the Metropolitan Division of the Audubon Society with program, Birds and Bards, held in the Milwaukee County Parks, Cudahy Family Library and Bird City event in the City of South Milwaukee.  To the MUS(sic) is the second Chapbook of the Poet.  She is also the author of the forthcoming fictional book, to be published in early 2019, Community Service on Planet Weirdo.

Poetry Chapbooks: BIRDBRAINS, published, 2017 and To the MUS(sic), published 2018.



Pelt of fur or cotton cuff,
all but Velcro
to the burly burr,
utilitarian, all-purpose,
given to travel to
destinations not known.

With burrs in surplus
a woolen sleeve
proved a likely host
for this bristling pod
that climbed on to be
carried somewhere else.

Originally published in Bramble, Summer 2018

Aurora Borealis

Before dawn still giddy from gaudy
display of neon green and orange
of Aurora Borealis over polar horizon,
we could not leave this night display
and waited out dawn. Overwhelming

this horizon, a different light display
not of neon, but an authentic, alluring,
awesome light more ardent than
Aurora. So glamorous our horizon, we
found a patch of greening moss to wait

out the dawn now fully entranced
under deep red, then pink, to buttery
cream and meanwhile the black night
giving way to light blue sky with some
dimming switch focusing the color to

fuller deeper blue while a Beaufort two
blew through the dawn and moved the
perfumed air throughout the morn while
songbirds called out to their mates to
welcome this new day, and we held hands

overawed by this enchantingly amorous
display of fresh day in songbird season
encased by an atmosphere and honesty
of dawn. We left without words to ponder
our amorous spell cast by Aurora Borealis.

Originally published in Blue Heron Review, Summer 2018