Naomi Cochran

W1598 Lee Road
Hayward WI  54843
Facebook Page: Finding Ourselves in Alzheimer's

Naomi lives in northern Wisconsin near the Namekagon River, not far from where she grew up. Her poetry first appeared regionally in Steelhead 3 in 1973, and has been published in several collections over the years.  She has no credentials, and will probably be famous after she's gone.

Finding Ourselves in Alzheimer's, Honorable Mention, WFOP Chapbook Contest, 28 pages, $10 (July 2015) 
Fill in the Blank, Outstanding Work of Poetry, Wisconsin Library Association, 76 pages, $12 (August 2016)
Razed Lutheran, Second Place, WFOP Chapbook Contest, 44 pages, $8 (November 2016)

All books are available from author; Razed Lutheran also available on Amazon. 

Powerful and touching. Naomi puts into words what few like to discuss. She captures the struggles of an individual and their family, who together face Alzheimer’s disease, and describes the love, pain, and unknown better than any textbook.” (Candice McConnell, MS, CPG, Gerontologist) “A unique and intimate portrait of Alzheimer’s disease that is powerful, insightful and a must have for anyone. Naomi has captured the essence of the journey for all to relate, cope, heal and ultimately find peace.
— Misty Mogensen, Dementia Care Specialist


The Move

five days
in the nursing home
five nights
he wanders the halls
looking for the bathroom
looking for his things
his family
his wife

the bed
is too small
for two

outside his window
icicles tickle the snow

we ask how he likes it here
he can't complain

he strokes his face
feels the stubble on his chin

oh well, he laughs
I don't have a date tonight

Note to My Father

if she doesn't watch him
he'll shave with toothpaste
wear his shoes on the wrong feet
fill the bird feeder with coffee

at home in the kitchen
mom opens her wallet
hands dad fifteen dollars
for the barber

put it in your pocket, she says
pay him when he's done
don't lose it
don't forget

I park my father's car
in the snowy alley
let him take slow baby steps
behind me

inside the shop
the pretty barber smiles
easily coaxes him
into her chair

she flirts as she touches
his white hair, takes advantage of
who he was
who he is

put me in your pocket, dad
don't lose me
don't forget