Mark D. Falcone

Mark Falcone was born and raised in South Philadelphia just a few city blocks from the Italian market. After graduating from high school, he obtained a B.A. in Philosophy from St. Norbert’s College, an M.A. in education from LaSalle University, Philadelphia, and a doctorate in Music Compilation from Combs College of Music, Philadelphia. He became an educator at the secondary school and college level. Residencies took him to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Wisconsin. Fiery-Mouthed Dragon (Dorrance & Co., 1975), was his first publication; since then his work has been included in numerous anthologies and other publications. His time is spent between working with and caring for his companion parrot Guido, composing music, and membership in the American Guild of Organists, the Wisconsin Cage Bird Club, and WFOP. 

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Black Tuesday: 9/11/2001

Beautiful bright blue sky
reflecting ecstasy.

Silence never heard
earth ceased breathing.

Voices screaming in a whisper
fear rending the soul.

Arizona still bleeding
twins defeated,

Voices agonizing
cease breathing..


In fear


Maddening sea
roughening wind
combined to show
nature's paranoid mind,

Are you
the same gentle breeze
cooled my sweated brow
and softly dried
damp summer clothes?
Who gracefully whispered
into my ear?