Kimberly Blanchette

Kimberly A. Blanchette
1410 N Wuthering Hills Dr
Janesville, WI  53546. 

Ms. Blanchette has been writing poetry for over 20 years. Her first book, Layers of Moments, was published in 2006. This diverse book of poetry and black and white photography can best be described as spiritual, intellectual and daring. Her Midwest photography is multi-dimensional; it is soft and gentle yet hard and coarse. She describes a black and white photo as being "timeless."

Ms. Blanchette is also the creator of The Fellow Bee Society (est. May 2007). As an author she was a presenter at the 2006 Wisconsin Writer's Conference at the University Baraboo/Sauk County, the 2006 Fine Arts Festival in Milton, and the 2007 Alphabet Soup Conference in Minneapolis, MN. She has performed her charismatic poetry at Books & Brew in Milton; Hedberg Public Library (also televised-April 2007), Book World and the Senior Center in Janesville; University of Wisconsin–Whitewater and The SweetSpot in Whitewater; A Room of One's Own, Avol's Bookstore, Mother Fool's, and Café ZuZu in Madison; The Village Booksmith in Baraboo, University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh, and other private parties.

Along with poetry readings/ performances and public speaking events, Ms. Blanchette frequently holds many exciting workshops, offered to the public as well as universities, political organizations, women's organizations, LGBT organizations, and other places of social and educational interest. To view and purchase Ms. Blanchette's current copyrighted workshops for yourself, your university, or organization, etc., or to read more informaton about the Fellow Bee Society, or to simply learn more about Ms. Blanchette and her endeavors, please visit

Naked, poetry chapbook, 2010
The Master & The Student, poetry chapbook, 2011
Lotus on Fire, poetry chapbook, 2013
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All Natural. Audio CD. $12.00 plus $5 s&h. Order as below.

The Oracle. ISBN 0692384944
Book retails for $16.95 plus $5 s&h. 

Layers of Moments. ISBN 0978619005
Book retails for $19 plus $5 s&h. 

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From A Woman

This Is Her Naked Art—
So Red And Luscious
My Fingers
Slowly Sliding Down
Tracing Every Curve—
I Gently Grasp Thee
Deeply I Inhale
The Essence
Who You Are—
Time Is Frozen—
You Wait
So Patiently—
You Are
As Eager To Press
Against My Lips
As I Am As Eager To Taste You—
My Mind Sings
With Wild Abandonment—
It Is Now
In This Moment
My Breath Lingers
It Brushes Lightly Against You—
Your Liquid Desire
Wets My Throat—
Sliding Down
Sliding Down—
Ah Such Pleasure
From The Work
A Woman's Bare Foot
The Fruit Of The Tender Grape—
This Is Her Naked Art—
All Of Her Emotions
Are Experienced
This Perfect Glass
Of Wine.


There Is A Certain Comfort In Silence
Nothing Is Born
Nothing Has Died
It Is In Silence
Where Life Speaks
To The Mystery of Everything—
The Mountains Are Still Mountains
The Streams That Run The Length Of Them
Are Still Water-
Only Now Can We See The Relationship
Between The Mountains And The Water-
Without The Howls Of The Wolf
Or The Splash Of Fish.
Perhaps That Is Why
The Summer Soil Is So Welcoming
To Winter's Embrace So Cold.