June Paul


June has a M.A. in Religious Studies. Married with 4 children and 7 grandchildren, June has had a busy life. She's worked in a variety of fields, from waitress to Branch Manager in the finance industry, Mortgage Loan Collector, stay-at-home mom to Sr. Sales Director in cosmetic sales, retail, elder care, spiritual and pastoral care. She's been an active volunteer for years and has finally begun to work on making some of her own personal goals come to life. Becoming a published author is one thing she wanted to do as a grade school student. “I hope you enjoy reading my works as much as I've enjoyed writing them!” She is the author of two books, Praying Our Through Stress and A Stable Birth.

June’s poem “The First Day” appears in her book A Stable Birth (Kirkus review). She also has poems in the anthology Praying Our Way Through Stress: Drawing Wisdom from the Lord's Life and Prayer.


The Poem in Your Pocket

There’s a poem
In your pocket
The pocket of
your heart
you feel it and
in the corner
Of your mind
You know it
The words flow
From deep within
And there it is
In front of you
With a life
Of it’s own
And you know
You now must
Live your life
Like a poem
don’t keep it
In your pocket
Reach inside
Pull yourself out
Don’t let it
Sit in the corner forever
Share your poetic life
With someone else

Storm Song

Thunder clapped

     As lightning strikes


     the sky in two

Waking two

     A wee little baby

and her mother

     Bent over her crib

          gently lifting her up

Shhh   shhhhh

     The baby trembled
          In her mother’s arms


     Thunder Cr-a-acked

and the rain splashed down

     slapping the window panes

          like sheets hanging on a line

The storm moved so close

     It seemed it would soon be

inside the room!


     Hush little baby

Be still my beating heart

     A song began to impart from the mothers heart

Soothing her own and soon

               her wee little baby cooed in tune

staring through the window panes

     mother and child stood

               Singing the storm away!