Dave Benson

Email: dbenrosita@yahoo.com

Dave Benson writes poetry in English and in Spanish, and tries to write poetry that is accessible to everyone.  His poems have been published in various online and print magazines, including Yahara Prairie Lights, Halcyon Days, Bramble, Locust Magazine, and Cholla Needles.  He also has a chapbook: Soul Soup.  


Desert Ship

Heaved up from the bowels of Mother Earth,

upon her massive hull the crowded deck set,

carved and molded by eons of wind and rain,

painted by the hand of the Great Spirit,

the majestic liner plows the desert waves

with her crew of lizards, falcons and bats,

coyotes, jackrabbits and snakes;

she sets sail without embarking

and forever returning to port.

Half Lune Musing

Not a full moon,
no big ol’ gloomy baboon,
just a half moon,
half way up there,
half way up where?
maybe a half-loony moon
playing with half a deck,
like a half poet
who spends half his time
speaking half in rhyme;
or like the half dollar
in my pocket,
half the money I’ve ever made
selling poems to the poor;
for sure, a half moon,
like when you’re feeling
not so great but
not half bad either;
what ever happened
to the other half?