Stephen Anderson

4416 N. Frederick Avenue
Shorewood, WI 53211

Stephen Anderson is a Milwaukee poet whose work has appeared in numerous print and online journals including Southwest Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, New Purlieu Review, Free Verse, Verse Wisconsin andFoundling Review. Many of Anderson’s poems have been featured on the Milwaukee NPR-affiliate WUWM Lake Effect Program. He is the author of Montezuma Resurrected And Other Poems (2001) and The Silent Tango of Dreams (2006 chapbook), and several of his poems appeared in the poetry collection, Portals And Piers (2012).  In the summer of 2013, six of his poems formed the text for a chamber music composition entitled The Privileged Secrets of the Arch performed by some musicians including two members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and an opera singer. Because of a particular set of life experiences, Anderson considers himself a poet with a global perspective rather than a regional poet. His poetry collection, Navigating in the Sun, was published by Finishing Line Press in July, 2015, and his first book-length poetry collection, In The Garden Of Angels And Demons, was published by Aldrich Press/Kelsay Books in March, 2017. His most recent full-length collection, The Dream Angel Plays The Cello, was published by Aldrich Press/Kelsay Books in February 2019.

Montezuma Resurrected and Other Poems (2001)
The Silent Tango of Dreams, Chapbook (2006)
Navigating in the Sun (2015, Finishing Line Press)
In the Garden of Angels and Demons, Collection (2017, Aldrich Press/Kelsay Books), available on Amazon and Kelsey Books.
The Dream Angel Plays the Cello (2019, Aldrich Press/Kelsay Books), available on Amazon and Kelsey Books.

[ Navigating in the Sun is available through Finishing Line Press here, or can also be ordered from the author ($15 plus $2.00 S&H). In The Garden Of Angels And Demons can be ordered through Amazon here, or directly from the author ($17 plus $2.00 S&H.]


A Tribute to the Penguin-Men Among Us

who huddle around watching their young ones

take to the ice like the wobbly creatures they are

at outdoor school rinks now lent to these

bundled-up fathers who shift from side to side

and huddle together to stay warm like

looming Emperor Penguins,

while dutifully standing vigil for their

offspring who careen wildly but then

glide like pros for up-to-seconds-at-a-time before

spiraling into impromptu, shaky pirouettes

that cause the men to gasp from the sidelines,

then fake-skate with their shoes

over to the crash site where they whisper

their concern and, upon further triage,

encourage their fallen angels to right their little

skates on the ice, to again take on the

wintry reality of the late afternoon,

with their chins held high to the glory of

the Penguin-Men in attendance.

Of the First Magnitude

Over neighboring and distant
Life shimmers in a multitude of colors, often
Connected only by a surface road not a
Path connecting penitent thoughts,
Sorrow, tears, joy or prideful celebrations. 

Even though they all see the aurora borealis,
Interpretations may fragment
Into images bred by their own locale—
Beliefs sustaining and bridling but
Which nurture a disconnect that some
May secretly dream of overcoming. 

And some do, but gene pools pull tight
Making encounters of the aspirational kind
With the Other a Sisyphean task that only
The boldest of mavericks dare in their
Attempts to reconfigure
What It is. 

The only thing remaining
Is to content oneself with
Not knowing everything but
Knowing that things are
Just as they are.