Phyllis Beckman


Phyllis Beckman’s claim to fame is receiving a snail mail rejection of a short story sent to the NEW YORKER around 1977. What was she thinking?  What were THEY thinking? 

Turning her hand to poetry, she’s had her work in the anthology Essential Inklings, in the 2015 An Ariel Anthology transformational poetry & art, Coulee Region Women magazine, Sophia Journal of Women & Religion, the WFOP calendars, the WFOP Museletters, the UU Fellowship of La Crosse newsletters and online at the Reflections from the Center, Verse Wisconsin and Your Daily Poem.  In addition, her poems were read at two Mark My Words shows at the Pump House in La Crosse winning a $50 dollar prize for honorable mention for her poem “askews me.”  Her one act play “Even Me?” was produced at a community college in Illinois as one of the three winners of a contest.

In addition to membership in WFOP, she meets with Women Writers Ink twice a month.  Phyllis leads a quiet life in the beautiful driftless area of Onalaska near La Crosse, Wisconsin. She can be reached at the following: 


rumble in the hood

what’s the ruckus?
     that be
            the rhubarbs,
their leaves rippling
exploding skyward,
          calling out
       the eastern sun!

Previously appeared in WFOP Calendar

At Mother’s Nursing Home

Giving her
      a carefully crafted letter
I watched
          her face fall
               at the
             absence of cash
and noted,
the ragged, shredded, unread
        letter of appreciation
in the
    sturdy wastebasket
              beside the
       nurses’ station
        in the hall

Previously appeared in Verse Wisconsin