Joan Wiese Johannes

Joan Wiese Johannes
800 Ver Bunker Avenue
Port Edwards, WI 54469

Joan Wiese Johannes has been publishing poetry, articles, and creative nonfiction for twenty-five years. Her writing has appeared in numerous magazines, literary journals, and anthologies, including Cat Fancy, Rattle, The Wisconsin River Journal, Moving Out, Jam Today, Rhino, Peninsula Pulse, The Ball State Forum, Fox Cry Review, Free Verse, Verse Wisconsin, Wisconsin Academy Review, Wisconsin Trails, English Journal, Poets Who Haven't Moved to Minneapolis, Poets Who Haven't Moved to St. Paul, At the Heart of Riverwood, and Wisconsin Poets' Calendars. She has also published three chapbooks, two of poetry and one of original north woods mythology. She is the 2009 winner of the John and Miriam Morris Chapbook Competition.

Joan has won the Triad and Trophy Poem contests sponsored by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, as well as several contests sponsored by Free Verse; and has placed in the Trophy, Triad, and Muse contests sponsored by WFOP, in addition to placing in contests sponsored by The Writer's Place, Byline, Peninsula Pulse, English Journal, and The Wisconsin Academy of Science and Letters. She has also judged poetry contests for Free Verse and The Wisconsin Academy of Science and Letters. Joan and her husband Jeffrey are co-editors of the 2012 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar.

A presenter and featured reader, Joan's workshops and presentations include Native American flute, as well as poetry. Having studied with internationally celebrated Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai at ten, week-long workshops since 1997, in 2003 she was awarded a silver medallion for sharing Native American flute through publishing duets for voice/flute in actual pitch and NA flute tablature. Her duet CD of original flute compositions, Heyoalinda, recorded with Wayne McCleskey, was also released in 2003. In addition, her poetry, musical compositions, and lyrics have been published in songbooks for the Native American flute. 1993 Wisconsin Secondary Teacher of the Year, 1999 Chisholm Award winner for the exemplary teaching of English, and winner of the Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress awards from The Wisconsin Rapids Community Company of Players, Joan uses her skills as a teacher and dramatist to entertain and inform audiences. Since retiring from teaching in 2007, she leads workshops for adults and students, writes/composes, and creates presentations for specific events such as Diversity Day at the High Ground Veteran's Memorial, nature/writing retreats for EarthWonders, The International Birds in Art Show at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum, The International Native American Flute Convention, and The Portage County Cultural Festival.

Joan lives in Port Edwards with her poet husband Jeffrey and often shares the stage with him for readings. 

He Thought the Periodic Table Was a Portrait of God (Finishing Line Press, 2013) $12.00
Sensible Shoes, Winner of the 2009 John and Miriam Morris Memorial Chapbook Contest sponsored by the Alabama State Poetry Society (New Dawn Unlimited, Inc., 2010) $5.00
Myopic Nerve, 2005
Four Duets for Native American Flute and Voice, sheet music, 2003
Heyoalinda, CD released with Wayne McCleskey, 2003
Mother Less Child, poetry chapbook, 2000
The Mending of the Moonglow, creative nonfiction chapbook, 1999


Chocolate Decadence with Vanilla Icing

He called them cream puff swans on chocolate seas
When first he wooed and wowed them to his bed.
Two cherry cheesecakes cheery, creamy—jeez,
His pecan tarts just gobbled all he said.
But culinary metaphors unique as his
should best be saved for special treats. 
Like failed meringue that will not hold its peaks,
Two two-timed women seldom remain sweet.
Especially since these ladies were best friends
And always shared what ardent lovers said.
So once found out, he could not make amends
Since both his sweetie pies wished he was dead.
Then burning cognac of flambé did bode
That just desserts aren’t served up à la mode.

Honorable Mention in WFOP Triad Contest
First published in Verse Wisconsin, 2010

Mantra with Sound Effects

(singing bowl chimes and sings)

There is nothing wrong with my body
that a girdle can’t fix,
the sausage-casing, rubber kind that squeeze
flubber back into toothpaste tubes.

(oooh, aaah, deep breath)

There is nothing wrong with my body
that a long-line bra can’t fix,
binding the bulge that pops out
of the girdle like frozen milk
pops the top off the jug.

(long slurping sound)

There is nothing wrong with my body
that padding that bra can’t fix;
fluffy muffy puffs of cotton
transform buttermilk pancakes
into succulent cream puffs.

(onomatopoetic Pop!)

There is nothing wrong with my body
that support hose cannot fix,
caressing cellulite and pushing varicose veins
back into the yellowed dough
on my corn-dog legs.

(painful mmmfff sound)

There is nothing wrong with my body—

(Long pause . . . chime on singing bowl)

First published in Fox Cry Review, 2010