Jerome J. Jagielski


A playwright and poet, The first stanza of Jerome's poem “Oak Hill Cemetery” appeared in the 2012 Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar. 


In reply

Should I love you for love’s sake
is there eternity in testament
how do I separate my love
from your smile at a tender rose

is love for love’s sake enough
when the caring warmth
of your hand upon mine
whispers there is more

for love’s sake
I love you not alone
but for the tears you shed
for the setting sun

Peach Belly

In benevolent embrace
abundant wool blue blankets
sliding and gliding off your thighs
lead in gentle upward slope
to reveal Miss Peach Belly
that beckons to be rubbed
like an Aladdin’s lamp

I perceive the soft gurgle
like the chant of the surf
off a distant Malaysian isle
coral isle shores where
in mountains above
sacred temples dwell

You are smooth to the touch
like the soft feathered songbird
that graces and flutters about
our afternoon rendezvous

And where the warmth
of the slowly descending sun gathers
I place a soft gentle kiss
to nurture the energy
and vitality within