Jan Chronister

Email: wfoppres@gmail.com

Jan Chronister spent much of her life in the classroom teaching one thing or another, but mostly writing. Now retired, she teaches occasional poetry classes through community education programs. When weather permits, she is outside in her flower and vegetable gardens where she finds endless metaphors. She is currently serving as president of WFOP. Her poems have been published either in print or online by Rat’s Ass Review, Word Fountain, NonBinary Review, Outrider Press, Main Street Rag, Holy Cow! Press, and others. She is a three-time winner in the Lake Superior Writers annual contest and has won first place in both the Muse and Triad contests of WFOP.

Target Practice, 2009 a Parallel Press chapbook



In July I thin parsnips,
pulling pale taproots
too small, too crowded.
Twinged by conscience
I retrieve the best,
scrub and dice them
for a salad.

At Auschwitz nothing
was wasted.
After the harvest of hair
the healthy went
to slave labor.
Children, the old, the infirm
were sent to the showers.
Almost 100 kilos of gold
was collected from corpses
in less than 65 days.
Warehouses filled up
with suitcases, clothing
and shoes.

After the first hard frost
I dig up broad-shouldered roots,
find a pair left too close together.
Entwined, they refuse to separate
and are cooked as one.

First Place, 2011 Muse Contest