About the Museletter

Keep Your Info Up to Date
The list of e-mail addresses is kept in the WFOP membership database. On occasion, announcements are e-mailed to the entire membership. If you have not received e-mails from the WFOP in recent months, we may not have your curent address. If you change your e-mail address, please inform Jeannie Bergmann at wfopmuseletter@gmail.com to ensure that you receive all WFOP correspondence.

You may opt-in for one or both of the following:

  • Quarterly Museletter
  • Weekly Events Email

Museletter Advertising
The WFOP mailing list is only available to officers and regional VPs. However, those who wish to advertise chapbooks, books and appearances to the membership may purchase ads in the Museletter or the Events email at the following rates:

$15... 1/8 page
$25... 1/4 page
$40... 1/2 page
$75... full page
$10... 100 words (Events email only)

A 20% advertising discount is available for 4 issues paid in advance. Ad copy to Museletter editor. PayPal fee to wfoptreasurer@gmail.com or mail check to Treasurer.

E-mail Museletter Delivery
Notify wfopmuseletter@gmail.com to be e-mailed the .pdf Museletter link instead of postal mail. The .pdf is available 2 weeks earlier than print and saves WFOP printing and mailing costs.