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If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.
— Emily Dickinson

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Roseann St. Aubin
2016 Triad Awards
(Themed Category)






















Crows crowd her dreams.
They open the screen door
and hop up the steps
catching their talons on the brown carpet.
In the dark hall they strut
arranging pictures
pecking at baseboards.
They tap their beaks on the bed rail. 
They leave their feathers in the sink. 
Crows count her breaths.
They steal her rings and the pennies on the nightstand.
she slaps the pillow.
In dreams
she thrashes her bony feet.
Her nails are so long now
they tear the sheets.
Her eyes are black and fearful
and permanently open. 
When the sun gilds the curtains
the crows move outside
coursing across the lawn
little black ships with topsails bobbing
messengers of god
soul eaters
keepers of sacred law
omens of change.
She has just enough voice
to ask them to take her.
They chatter. 
They caw.
They clack their judgmental beaks
saying this is to be and
this is so. 
Crows fall from the ceiling. 
They fly out of the wallpaper
They lift the corners of the sweat stained sheet
and carry her out. 
She is now
their new little sister
pink and wriggling
and wingless at first.