Tony Gardner


I love words, I love writing, I love the art of expression! Expression through the lens of a camera, expression through paintings, expression through craftsmanship and expression that is deliberately not harmful. I am a self-proclaimed poet, therapeutic writer, seeker of truth, serenity, and understanding.

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Moments Captured...Captured Moment

What moment? A moment in our lives when we are caught.
A moment in our lives
when the gravity of the situation, circumstance or event pulls us in.

So the moment is defined only by: them…only by: Us
Not every one is in the moment
Not every one can recognize the moment
Not every one wants the same moment
Not every one will receive the same from that moment…

The moment has no emotions…The moment is just the moment.
The moment doesn’t demand anything!!!
We bring our emotions to the moment
We bring our life lessons to the moment
The moment over-rules those not in the moment
The moment is still the moment…NO MATTER WHAT!!!

That’s why no one can steal our moment!!!
We can however, rebel against the moment…
To be in a different moment, while the moment is still happening…
Therefore, no one really escapes their moment,
because we only get from the moment what we believe about the moment.
What we believe about the moment determines our experience…

What a moment? What a moment? What a moment?
Was the moment captured?
Were we captured by the Moment?