The Upside-Down Man

Georgia Ressmeyer

The upside-down man
made an appearance again

I found him on the back
of the scrap of paper on which
I was writing a poem.

He’d been crossed through
a few times with a soft pencil
but was otherwise intact.

He told me he was looking
for an upside-down woman.
Would I be impressed?

“Do you have any means of
support,” I asked, “other than
hanging by your toes from

the first line of a paragraph or
stanza?” He gave, as expected,
a smartass answer: “What

payment do you receive for
scribbling a poem on paper,
crossing it out, then using

the back for scratch?” I
could have run him through
the shredder but did not.

Instead I dropped him in
the recycling bin and
left him to sort himself out.

 Georgia Ressmeyer

Georgia Ressmeyer

Georgia Ressmeyer, a Pushcart Prize nominee and this year’s Honorable Mention in the Lorine Niedecker poetry competition, has published an award-winning poetry chapbook, Today I Threw My Watch Away (Finishing Line Press, 2010), and two full-length poetry collections, Waiting to Sail (Black River Press, 2014) and Home/Body, just out from Pebblebrook Press. She lives in Sheboygan.