The Proposal

It certainly wasn’t about the ring.
My finger never felt naked,
bereft of the rock that baits others.

The proposal itself dazzled me,
the way the words hung in the air
like a little rainbow.

My parents would sigh with relief.
At last, a conventional path
for their black sheep daughter:

A wedding, a house, cute tiffs
about dinner and the toilet seat,
and grandchildren — of course.

He genuflected in our rented kitchen,
suds still dripping from dishpan hands,
and eyes aglow with hope.

It was about the electric silence
between The Question
and the answer.

I wanted to cup his words
like magic beans in my hands
and never plant them.

But a person has to say something.
And with so much transforming power
cast out there, who wouldn’t

be tempted to swallow
the exquisite fallacy
of two becoming one?

 Bobbie Lovell

Bobbie Lovell

A Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, Bobbie Lee Lovell placed twice in the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets’ 2016 Triad Contest. Bobbie’s career is in graphic design and print production, and she designed the Bramble logo. Her hiking shoes and camera get much use — often simultaneously. Learn more at