The Jilting of Lady Jane

Liz Rhodebeck

What say ye rogue, that left me so,
with tear-stained face and dying rose
that once bloomed flush upon my cheek
but now like ice my visage’s froze.
How can I raise my gaze to heav’n
when now I know a lover’s fraud,
whose dark’ning eyes I once adored
above devotion ev’n to God.
Oh! How those flashing orbs enticed
my girlish dreams to follow you
on wand’ring paths of life’s sweet charms—
much to my harm at morning’s dew.
If I could but turn back the page
when first I heard your silver words
I’d shut the book and throw aside
all memory when my heart was stirred.
So bid me now this one request
to save my shame from more disgrace:
speak not my name nor lift your hand
to cast an image of my face;
But let me be as one unknown
to live my life of grief alone.

(inspired by “Lady Jane” by Dint Sweitzer of Pewaukee)

Lady Jane  by Dint Sweitzer

Lady Jane by Dint Sweitzer

Liz Rhodebeck

Liz Rhodebeck

Liz Rhodebeck, Menomonee Falls, has published poems in numerous state and national journals as well as three chapbooks, Benthos, What I Learned in Kansas and Here the Water is Deep. She is part of the group Grace River Poets.