Spring Conference Invigorated by Mark Doty & Milwaukee Voices

Over 100 attendees came to Milwaukee for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets 2017 Spring Conference, coordinated by Regional VP Ed Werstein and a roster of volunteers, including Sylvia Cavanaugh, Jo Ann Chang, Jan Chronister, Colleen Frentzel, Christina Kubasta, Janet Leah, CJ Muchhala, Kathy Phillips, Erik Richardson, Sheryl Slocum, Phyllis Wax, and Marilyn Zielke-Windau.

The highlight of the event a presentation, reading and Q&A with Mark Doty. Doty also judged the Muse Contest and was able to provide his feedback live. At 7pm, he also gave a reading to the public around the theme of COMMUNITY & CONNECTION.

Additional photo and audio highlights below. (For the audio you may have to increase the volume on your device.)