In addition to our Small Grant Program, the WFOP is expanding its support of poetry with the addition of a Special Projects Fund. Part of the WFOP's mission is to fund local poetry events hosted or coordinated by our members through our Small Grant Program. Please request by mail or email through your regional VP, another board member or the WFOP President. Refer to Contact Us for relevant contact info.

Special Project Fund Guidelines

1. Project must be connected to poetry and take place in Wisconsin.

2. Request may not exceed $300 and each region may receive one grant per fiscal year, depending on availability of funds.

3. Funds may not be used solely by an individual for personal benefit, such as attending a writing workshop.

4. Grant recipient must recognize WFOP at event(s) and make membership information available. Official WFOP logo should be used. Membership brochures are available from regional vice-presidents.

5. Grant recipient must complete a grant follow-up form to be submitted to WFOP president.

6. Grant recipient will display any products, photos, etc. resulting from funding at conference following completion of special project or arrange for such documentation to be displayed.

7. A copy of the Special Project Funds request should be sent to the appropriate regional vice-president who will, upon approval, forward the request to the executive board for approval. If the regional vice-president is the person requesting funds, she or he can forward directly to the executive board.

8. Upon approval of request, the WFOP treasurer will mail a check to person requesting funding.