Space is What it Separates

A retired English teacher notices me in the bar
  tapping my fingers     counting syllables

Knows I am writing a poem
  space between us conveys knowledge

Distance separating the words
  part of the poem

Silence connecting musical notes
  part of the melody

Space amid the trees
  part of the forest

A moment between past and future
  part of the now

Invisible emptiness among the stars
  most of the universe

Compromise involving opinions
  part of truth thinking itself fact

Perception between illusion and reality
  revealing a sense of self

 John Patrick (Jack) Redell

John Patrick (Jack) Redell

John Patrick (Jack) Redell has been writing since his teens, but only recently has he dared call it poetry. A retired surveyor/field engineer/superintendent, he did not have the opportunity during his working years to write as much as he might have liked. He has had some work published in the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Museletter, the Wisconsin Poets Calender, the Peninsula Pulse and several collaborative chapbooks. Thinking of a chapbook of his own, he believes he is one bar napkin away from being famous. He writes about his ideas and experiences and makes up the rest.