Nydia Rojas


Nydia Rojas’ work has been published, among many other literary magazines, in the Wisconsin Academy Review, International Poetry Review, Revista/ Review Interamericana, Palabra and in the anthologies Between the Heart and the Land: Latina Poets in the Midwest and I didn’t know there were Latinos in Wisconsin. Most recently her work was published in Open Mic and Verse Wisconsin. She is the author of the chapbook Stealing Daylight. 

Stealing Daylight (Flutter Press).


Carefully Above the Garden

Somedays the stillness, the silence
ends in a crown of wisdom-
just listen- beyond the silence,
beyond the stillness just disrupted
by that falling green leaf- 

even though it is mid-summer
and daisies, marigolds and petunias
are all in bloom, their colors
reaching full harmony around
mid-morningwhen silence 

as thick as a whisper
or the stillness of butterfly wings
while resting, settles comfortably above
the garden and taking a step
in any direction is a goal
impossible to accomplish.
Not now. Not this morning. 

And then there is that green leaf
tumbling throughout distance
between the crowns of the trees
and the ground- just tumbling
toward a stillness, a silence
we will never witness. 

And the moment prolongs-
Perhaps not- There’s always a bird
furtively flying from one tree
to the next, a squirrel that just
dropped the acorn it was rushing
to its nest. 

So you stop, look. The shimmering
light reflected on the ground makes you
dizzy- despite the stillness supporting
your body.

The Court after the Investigation

And here we are- the day after
the dance with only the shimmering
of an abandoned glass slipper
and an over spoiled prince who can’t
distinguish carrots from potatoes,
sweet potatoes from radishes,
pumpkin from pumpkin pie
to guide us. 

A poor girl. Confirmed. A poor girl
from the village and a fairy godmother
taking too many risks. 

We’ll have none of this. Go out
into the village. You must be
the first ones to make contact
with the girl and her fairy godmother- 
and hurry! Glass slippers, you know,
can get broken, making it harmful
for any proper lady to slip her foot in,
specially a delicate foot-
if you know what I mean. 

They knew. They were the gate keepers.
Answered only to the king.
Cinderella’s pumpkin had to be taken
away. That fairy godmother should have
known better than to fill such innocent
mind with such ideas. 

Wait until we can prove- and we will-
what she’s been up to. There will not be
enough dungeons to contain her sorry self.
We’ll make sure she has unlimited
access to mice since she seems to have
such a strong preference for them. 

As for the girl, a planned kidnapping,
a long trip to the farthest village
from the palace, a quick engagement,
an even quicker marriage.
Soon she’ll convince herself that anything
other than the life in front of her
must have been just a dream.
And let’s get started with the guest list
for the next ball. This time let’s be
more careful as to whom we let in.
They all bowed to the king.
The other story began.