Nursing Exam

Sheryl Slocum

Just left of the midline in the epigastric region, the nurse sees a pulsation about 3 cm wide. What is it? (Select one.)

a. The aortic pulsation, which is located
              in the epigastric area.

b. The vulnerability of a soft-skinned animal
              among instruments of steel.

c. The spring of life exposed.

d. A mirror, oh Nurse, of your own
              epigastric pulsation.

e. Blood’s hot greeting to all creatures
              with a heart.

f. A voice in the universal chorus.

g. My heart speaking with yours in a language
               reason cannot fathom
               or control.


Sheryl Slocum

Sheryl Slocum

Sheryl Slocum lives in Milwaukee and is a member of the Hartford Avenue Poets. Her poetry fingerprint includes an interest in the relation of form to meaning and, thanks to the influence of French poets, an attentiveness to sound. Sheryl’s poetry appears in numerous small press publications.