Nancy Austin


Nancy Austin was born in Whitefish Bay, WI, but has lived on both coasts, and points in between. She currently resides in Minocqua, WI, holds a masters in psychology, and writes both poetry and music. She has been published in Adanna, Midwestern Gothic, Sheepshead Review, Verse Wisconsin, and the 2014 Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar.

Remnants of Warmth (Aldrich Press), available at Amazon Books for $14. 


Old Firewood

The new cord of firewood,
delivered today,
released its musky scent
as it tumbled from the truck bed.
Its dewy, fresh cut,
warm, wheat color,
and earthy aroma
delighted us.
We chuckled, such a discount
for ready to burn,
solidly superior
to the old cord,
that shattered into shards
when it fell to the ground,
loosening lichen-spotted bark
from tough, twisted cores,
thus, unceremoniously stacked
in the corner.
We lowered three perfect logs
into the cold, cast iron stove,
pulled chairs forward
in smug anticipation,
lit them up, and waited.
They sputtered,
but would not burn.

Published in 2014 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar

The Beablossom Inn
Lost River, Wisconsin

***** (1 of 1 review)

I’m not from here, of course, but a lucky break with an overheated radiator
led me to this delightful 5-star resort! The Beablossom Inn’s original
amenities—chartreuse shag carpeting, and ecru hobnail bedspreads (with
popcorn accents) are surprisingly clean! All six rooms have color TVs, trusty
plumbing, and Perfect Sleeper beds. Jade shellback chairs, and a cushioned
glider line the tourist court, overlooking the coneflower garden. Purple
poppy mallow frames the stucco entrance. Yes, gas and groceries are 30
miles away, but gracious owners Bea and Walter are famous for their peanut
butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Enjoy one in the lobby, under vintage
peacock drapes from the Ritz-Carlton, and Bea’s spoon collection, encased
in glass. Lost River was founded by Walter’s great-grandfather, and is crime
free (except for Otto and Selma’s son, Odis T.). Located 20 miles off I-70,
next to the Free Methodist Church (the odist may be missing again). Look for
the flashing orange neon arrow. Drug addicts not welcome.

Published in Verse Wisconsin