My Life as a Bullet

Sheryl Slocum

I remember heat
from being forged,
then fitting neatly
with my companions
inside a dark box.

Then a flash of light,
the waiting chamber,
a jostle
and a click.

I found my vocation
with the explosion,
the long, grooved shaft
spinning me, heating me,
giving me my own
special song,

then the burst of light,
the friction of air’s
little claws,
then impact
misshaping my hot metal,
a tearing,
a splintering...

then slowing,
burying myself deep
to become part of
someone else’s story.

For me, it was a good life;
I did what I was made to do.

Can you say as much
for yourself?


Sheryl Slocum

Sheryl Slocum

Sheryl Slocum teaches English as a second language in Milwaukee. Her poetry has appeared in numerous small press publications including Blueline, The Anglican Theological Review, and The Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar. She is a member of the Hartford Avenue Poets.