Part of the WFOP's mission is to fund local poetry events hosted or coordinated by our members through our Mini Grant Program. Please request a grant by mail or email through your regional VP, another board member or the WFOP President. Refer to Contact Us for relevant contact info.

Mini Grant Guidelines

1. Grants will be for no more than $100 and will always depend on what the WFOP has to spare.

2. Grants will be awarded for Wisconsin projects.

3. The project must be related to poetry.

4. Generally, no person or group may receive more than one grant in a calendar year.

5. A committee consisting of the WFOP president, vice-president or secretary, and the regional VP for the region the request is coming from, in consultation with the treasurer, will make the decision.

6. The money awarded will not be part of the regional VP’s money but will come from the general treasury.

7. The application process is simple. The person or group requesting funds will submit a letter or an email (no more than two pages), to the president, his or her regional VP, or other board member, containing a brief description of the project, how it will promote poetry and how the money will be used. The request can be made at any time.

8. The recipient will be invited to one of the conferences to give a brief report on the success of the project. If the recipient cannot attend a conference, a brief report should be submitted to the president via letter or email to be read at the conference.

9. All mini grants will be mentioned in the president’s Museletter column so members can see where their membership dollars are going.

10. Grant recipients are required to recognize WFOP in all possible ways depending on the nature of the project. This includes verbal acknowledgement and including WFOP in sponsor recognition on printed and promotional materials.