Madame Poetry Weighs in about Her Predicted End

Big yawn, I’m due again for rigor mortis,
that pundits’ role I’ve played before.
Duh, I know how to do this.
I die well though it’s a bore.

About their sleazy role I’ve played before,
should I apologize?
All this passing, what a bore,
demise after demise.

I should apologize
yet stagey mortification sells!
Making R.I.P. lively, demise after demise,
I opt for dirgy folderol,

and in turgid mortification (Sell, baby, sell!)
I’m suddenly stirred.
Milking the weepy folderol
—surprise!—I do a turn of getting cured.

Last-gaspy but mystically stirred,
I do a finale exit from fatal malaise:
that’s me, uplifted and cured,
about to go retro with saints, Zorros and Che's.

You should see my exit from fatal malaise.
Consumptive collapse my drama queen tease,
dead-on retro with saints, Zorros and Che’s,
Yours Truly shrieks REVIVAL! cracking high C’s.

My collapse, my swoon, that drama queen tease—
duh, I know how to pace this,
and I get whoopy ovations for revival high C’s.
Come catch me, my doing again rigor mortis.

 Richard Swanson

Richard Swanson

A retired teacher of English, Madison resident Richard Swanson served as WFOP’s Secretary from 2010-2015, and was a member of the Poet Laureate Commission and The Council for Wisconsin Writers.  These days he reads a lot, enjoys cooking, fishing, woodworking—and writing. Many of his poems are often humorous and full of wordplay, but Richard has a commitment to human values and social justice, so narrative story-telling frequently anchors his work.