Love Trumps Hate


That’s what we believe anyway.

Love your neighbor
your enemy even
turn the other cheek
all that jazz.

Our hearts will trump their clubs.

It’s looking pretty bleak lately
but we’re holding out hope
because we know
love trumps hate!


We are the winners!

And we just love Trump’s hate!

It frees us to be ourselves.

No more hiding
although we kinda like the white hoods.

We love having our free speech back.
We can call a spade a spade
and a Muslim a terrorist.
Clubs suit us.
Oh yes, we’re in charge!
And we love Trump’s hate!

 Ed Werstein

Ed Werstein

Ed Werstein, Milwaukee, spent many years in manufacturing and union activity before his muse awoke and dragged herself out of bed. He is a regional VP of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. He advocates for peace and against corporate power. His poetry has appeared in Stoneboat Literary Journal, Verse Wisconsin, Blue Collar Review, Gyroscope Review, Naugatuck River Review and other publications. His chapbook Who Are We Then? was published by Partisan Press.