Love Songs

When scientists discovered
the wings of a cricket
preserved in stone
from the Jurassic period,

they played its wings
and heard
an ancient love song
never heard
in our world before,
a new song.

This morning,
while driving home:
A colt had been flung
to the side of the road,
killed in the night
by a passing car,

its little body
nearly missed
because it was
so small —

small enough
to still be brought
to its mother’s belly,

its mother gone,

a love song

 Ethel Davis

Ethel Davis

Ethel Mortenson Davis is an artist that has had her work featured in
galleries in New Mexico and Wisconsin and in different publications.
Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary
magazines.  She is the author of three books of poetry, I Sleep
Between the Moons of New Mexico, White Ermine Across Her Shoulders
and The Healer.  The Healer was released in 2016.