Lori Lipsky

Lori Lipsky
1903 Tierney Drive
Waunakee, WI 53597-2313


Lori Lipsky has worked as a music teacher and choir director for much of her adult life. She began to write poetry a few years ago when a friend urged her to join a writers’ group and attend a writing conference with her. She lives in Waunakee, Wisconsin with her husband and their youngest daughter.

Red Poppy Review, Penwood Review, and Pegasus Review have recently published her poetry.


Rome Travel Books

Lead tourists to a museum near the Spanish Steps
maintained by those who revere the words
of the respected poet John Keats.

Travelers fly to breathe where Keats wrote,
to view the room where he died of
consumption at twenty-five.

They walk the uneven floor,
see his masks of life and death,
labor to unveil more of him between the two events.

They witness the once-burned bed, the shelves of books,
the reliquary of hair, the images of Severn, of Fanny, of friends,
though plants grow over all of them now.

Still visitors find they cannot know him
more than reader knows writer

which is, at times, not enough.

First appeared in Red Poppy Review

Corroded Counsel

We suffered the queue for two hot hours
In shade near the underbelly of Rome’s
Great Colosseum
To pay and climb steps up and higher
In order to view the rotted and decayed remains
Of a site that was once both
Grand and grotesque.

Privileged at last to stand on that platform
Near fellow beings of centuries ago
Who shouted and cheered against sufferers
As a mob of frenzied haters
I wondered how grew a populace
So merciless and cruel—it seemed
Unthinkable such events could occur

But the putrefaction
Of the Colosseum innards
Shouts to us its silent warning
Be kind, be kind

First appeared in The Penwood Review