Kids Animal Poetry Contest

In partnership with the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park in Brown County, the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets held their first annual Kids Animal Poetry Contest Fall 2016. Poets 5 to 10 were recognized in two age categories.

AGE 5-7      AGE 8+

Winners will receive a broadside of their poetry and a cash prize, along with publication on and

Broadside designs provided courtesy of Fergus Grant.

The NEW Zoo’s dedication to education and conservation make our partnership with the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets a perfect match, as we know it will help foster children’s appreciation for wild animals. We are proud to encourage young writers to explore their creativity.
— Angela Kawski-Kroening, Education & Volunteer Programs Coordinator

A fun and rewarding project that both organizations will look to continue in the future.

AGE 5-7

Annabella Clark, Age 5, Green Bay



The Peacock Blue Shoe
The peacock is pecking in wood.
Is he looking for something gross or good?

His feathers are blue,
And so is his shoe.

He spreads out his wings,
And he might dance.

I think that he might fly to France.

Finnley Metzer, Age 5, Menominee, Michigan

Age 8+

   Amelia Nicolas, Age 9, Green Bay

Amelia Nicolas, Age 9, Green Bay



The Wolf
Running wild and free,
Through the grassy greenery,
First a tail and then a head
Bopping, bobbing,
Over the hedge.
Then you see it,
A wolf.
He’s found a mouse,
As he zips around the trees.
Going so fast you feel a breeze.
But then he is lost behind the trees. 
You have just seen a wolf.

The End

Ada Jacoby, Age 9, Green Bay