Jeanie Dean


Author, Researcher, Lecturer, Poet
Wisconsin author Jeanie Dean has written several poetry books and plays. Her essays and articles on poetry and film are published in academic journals by Kluwer Publishing .  She has worked in dance, indy film,  costuming, set design and and play writing. She is available as a speaker on various research topics listed. Her poetry presentation are dynamic and energetic.  She has performed or lectured at art openings,  colleges Poets Monday, Public Television, on radio at Hotel Milwaukee and Harvard University.  


  • The Whole World Stopped: An Elegy for John F. Kennedy
  • Poems of the Washerwoman
  • A New Alphabet, at Rhizome Org’s Artbase Museum
  • L’Ondine’s Lament award-winning book
  • The Kiss, to be released in 2018 


  • W.B. Yeats and His Muses: Women and Yeats’ Mystical Inquiry
  • Monarch Butterfly – Individual Count and the Migration Cycle
  • The Knights Templars: Hidden Treasures
  • PanEurythmy Sacred Dance: The Tai Chi of the West
  • Padmansabhava: Tibetan Buddhism Guru – His Life and Work
  • William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon
  • The Language of William Shakespeare: Figures of Speech We Still Say Today
  • Poetryof John Donne
  • Pyramids of North America
  • Effigy mound of the Great Lakes
  • Patterns of Reincarnation
  • The Nine Muses in Art, Culture and History


Ode to the Soap Opera

The children, We love our bedtime story

With a happy ending

Until the bad comic told us the truth

Of stories ending--- that children should not know
It was Scheherazade
who made up the never ending

Story of a 1001 Arabian Nights

Fairy Tales, grimores, fables and plays

Wait, wait tell me more - how does the story go
I want to know

hush my sweet child go to sleep now

The store is closed and will open at 9 am
for your shopping convenience

You can hear then

Scheherazade telling a story

To keep alive entrancing the bored prince
finding her craft 

1000 years later smart pulp fiction writers

found how to sell the never ending story 

for coins to eager bored readers with a swing and a twist

Gracie and George keep little Mary coming back

Oh tell me more, more tell me the story

so savvy Madison Av. advertisers invented the

soap opera story for radio and tv sets 

Momma stayed home all day watching

the children cooking and cleaning ---the girls

were home too folding the laundry while watching tv

their favorite storieshad no ending

only the commercial break for Tide with whiteners

            Cheer, Comet, Ajax, Mr. Clean, Pinesol and Breeze

Oh Dr. Martin is it true? Does pretty Sue have cancer? And

Will Willie May steal away with Lillie too?

Oh tell me more. Is it true? How does the story end?

But first a worda word form our sponsor Ivory, Irish Spring, Dove, Life Soap

From Poems of the Washerwoman

The Kiss - Well

I had the feeling
that the moment
our tongues met
would be like diving
into a bottomless well
from which I would
never return


I would be gone
a missing person
I wanted to plunge in
lose the known world
never to be seen again
I wanted to kiss you
there then


I took a breath
and looked away