Jane Yunker


Jane is a blogger, poet, and fiction writer living in Northwest Wisconsin along the beautiful St. Croix River. Most recent publications include Creative Wisconsin, Oshkosh Independent, Living and Playing Magazine, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets' calendar (2014, 2015, 2016), Red Cedar 2015 and 2016 (UW Barron County), and the Hometown Gazette. She won the Saturday Evening Post's 2014 Easter limerick contest and was a finalist in WisRWA’s 2016 FabFive competition for her historical romance, Mary Bishop.

She is also a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association, The Northern Lakes Writers Guild, Romance Writers of America, and the Wisconsin Romance Writers of America.



Mittens Remembered
Red Green
Stop! Go!
Strung together
In one sleeve
Out the other
Never lost
Go! Stop!
Green Red

Originally appeared in Creative
, Vol 9, March 2015

Cotton Candy
Sugar spun into
twisted threads of
pink air, light, dreams,
fleeting fantasies
melting on my tongue. 

Originally appeared on Oshkosh Independent
Poetry Corner
March 18, 2015

                                         * * * 

Raining Poetry
Words, cool water
Fluid, changing
Slow drip, steady stream
Ebbs, flows
Squeezed from the heavens
Filtered through doubt
Forming thoughts
Lines of verse
Spilling onto paper