In Praise of Challenging Cycles

Patricia Williams

Freed of ice, rivers murmur rippled melodies. Butterflies, befuddled by plum-scent,        
frenzied by desire, cartwheel in the breeze. Gaunt pines survive challenges of time
and weather– old stalwarts, cloaked in new glitter, tease with promise.    

Rain and sunlight bathe kaleidoscopic blossoms, bring splendid lushness –  scarlet scent
anoints the air. Tomatoes ripen on the vine, melons drip richness – shapely potatoes
mature without concern for tests of early frost or future ice and snow.

Visitors gone – serene, almost noiseless – only the rustle of painted foliage – days
of leisure, lavished with gold. No wish to wear the skin of former times or waste seconds
in idle banter, no fear of the bitter clasp to come, a minor-key lament. 

Minimalism rules – a pared landscape, elegant, crisp in black and white – little means,
utmost effects – limits of endurance tested. So much more than teasing promise,
splendid lushness, lavish color –
less is more.

Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams was a professor of Design for 27 years at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and planned to write a book about Chinese art after retiring. Things took a different turn and she began writing poems in 2013 –  proof that it’s never too late to do something new. Her poetry appears in journals and anthologies including Fox Cry, Midwest Review, Negative Capability, Poetry Quarterly, Third Wednesday and others. Her chapbook, The Port Side of Shadows, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2017 and a collection, Midwest Medley, is forthcoming in fall, 2018, from Kelsey Books – Aldrich Press.