Grasses Bow

Jo Balistreri & Ferris Gilli

A Rengay

 at the open door
of the cafe
spring meets just-baked scones
the scent of orange blossoms
thick enough to eat

leaves drifting
the long grasses bow

this Halloween she plays the princess
we've always known

falling snow
the dark curve
of a red fox's tail
in a kitchen window
the beckoning flicker of firelight


Mary Jo Balistreri has two books of poetry published by Bellowing Ark Press and a chapbook published by Tiger's Eye Press. Her new book of poetry Still will be released in September by Future Cycle Press. Japanese forms have become a major part of her wrting and have been published both here and abroad.

Ferris Gilli's work in haiku and related genres has appeared regularly in eminent haiku journals since 1996. She is a frequent award-winner in this field as well as often serving as judge. Ferris conducted the online Hibiscus School of Western Traditional Haiku (sponsored by the World Haiku Club) from January 2001 to April 2002. She has been an associate editor of the Heron's Nest since December 2000.



Jo Balistreri

Jo Balistreri

Ferris Gilli

Ferris Gilli