Don't Hang Up

Eileen Mattmann

I smooth my hair, clear my throat, reach
for the door to welcome my callers,
all strangers to me, yet intimately tied
because we know each other exists.

Private Caller shares nothing, hopes others will.
Denise, Cathy, and Diana from Cardservices arrive
insisting there’s no problem with my account, but—
I cut them off, pass Unavailable, so emotionally
disconnected; still he calls.

Unknown Caller, paper bag over his head,
is perhaps from Nigeria. My house fills
with callers evidently from nearby towns,
entering the room, leaving, then entering again
in different clothes, using another doorway--
I have a hunch they’re really the same guy.

Several tap my shoulder, call my name
four times then walk away, another pesters
and my answering machine kicks in to beep
until I delete the silence.

 Eileen Mattmann

Eileen Mattmann

 Eileen Mattmann’s poetry has appeared in Red Cedar Review, Kindness Anthology II, An Ariel Anthology, 2016, Zoetic Press, Blue Heron Review, BoomerLitMag and Portage Magazine. She is a quilter and began writing after a long teaching career.