Deb Johnston

Twitter @johnstdeb
Address: 1507 N. Broadway Ave.m Marshfield, WI, 54449

Deb is a former educator and school administrator living in north central Wisconsin. She enjoys camping, following migrating cranes, and visiting lighthouses.

She has been published in:  WFOP Poets’ Calendar, various chapbooks, and Poets to Come — Walt Whitman: Bicentennial Anthology.        


Sunset on Lake Superior

Joy is a thing that glimmers,
spotlights the setting sun,
and leads to water's end
yet never floats beyond.

A ray of mercury droplets,
a vein of silver found,
one hundred sparklers flaming
exclaim the day is done.

Joy is a thing that glimmers
like thousands of fireflies,
marking the eve with a shimmer,
we draw a collective sigh.

Oh, Gentle Traveler

As you make your way, 
know my love is with you. 
Be strong across broad water. 
Journey the length of the great river. 
Find me in the glow of each sunrise. 
Feel my strength in the tall pine and
my tender kiss in buttercup and hyacinth.
May clear crisp winds surround you, 
shelter you always.