Dawn Anderson

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Dawn is a positive poet. Her poetry is the vehicle to put more good into the world.  You will find Dawn’s poetry in a wide variety of journals, newspapers, magazines, and archives as well as her books and blog which have an international following. Dawn is also a workshop facilitator and speaker who believes in the power of poetry to process, to focus, to align, and to find our way to happiness and fulfillment. 

In addition to publishing and teaching, Dawn provides a custom poetry service to help people give tribute to important life events and memories.
Whichever mode you connect with Dawn and her poetry, you will find her and her writing is just the right mix of wit, wisdom and wonder. Visit her blog and custom poetry page at: www.createthedawn@wordpress.com

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Bones of the Fire

Robust limbs and trunks
tangled in a mound
licked by elemental fire
releasing tree chi
into rolling flame

Spent down to pulsing bones,
ash crust
shirted over liquid wood
like a heart beat
boom, boom, boom.
The bones of the fire
linger in the dark.

When the fire settles
into its bones
like a dying star,
the conversation deepens.
Our bones too begin to show.
Raw energy burned off
until the thick rich oil flows
from our mouths,
from pulsing heart to pulsing heart.

The bones of the fire
bond us
since ancient times
our backs to the cold dark
faces lit by shared embers.

We feel the mortality of each other.
Midnight comes,
the bones return to ashes
dust to dust
And we are changed,
soaked through with the energy
of trees and fire and kinship.

Rose-Colored Glasses

I bought a pair of rose-colored sunglasses,
rose-colored frames and
rose-colored lenses big and round.

The world really is a better place
looking through their pinkish hue.

As these lovely sunnies slip over my eyes
a visceral sigh washes over me
chasing away the angst of the gray world,
revealing the joyful under-layer.

I can see the lifeblood in trees
and the secret smiles of flowers.

I can see the deep down good of white-knuckled drivers
and the lively breath of bicyclers spinning by.

I feel the love between friends on a walk
and mothers dropping their children hurriedly off at school.

I notice the forgotten hills in the distance
and smile at oddities like long Dairy Queen spoons
and Ugg boots worn with a dress.

I can see possibilities everywhere and
easily let the word “yes” pucker my lips.

If seeing the world through rose-colored sunglasses is Pollyanna,
I don’t want to be “real.”

I want a universe of plenty, of opportunity, of friends, and of happiness.
Happiness is all in the rose covered eyes of the beholder.

So, put on your rosy sunglasses and
notice beauty,
notice joy.