Bud Andrews


Bud W. Andrews
417 Vroman St.
Green Bay, WI 54303

Bud Andrews, originally from Mazomanie, Wisconsin, lives and writes from his home in Green Bay. A writer of poetry, essays, and short stories, Bud’s work has been published in the 2010/2011 issue of The Edgewood College Review and on various online platforms and on social media. 


Chasing ghosts - 2014

Beneath veneers

Of domestic bliss

To Revel

In dreams

half forgotten

and memories

Since faded,


While rains

play a gentle dirge.

In these moments

I remember

My heart

holding you


For a while,

It was good.


Seasons came,

and winter crept

in all its glory,


you cut away

my heart,

as a surgeon

wields the blade,

you cut until

I could no longer feel.

Leaving me there

Atop the stairs

A broken toy

To be cast aside…

I left my Self at the door - 2015

Hanging on Coat hooks

Amidst other tangled souls


beneath 21st century life.

As clocks creep,

We lay on the line,

Going through motions

Without thought to outside,

For walls are thick

An’ Humanities song

Seldom escapes

Save for occasional


reminding us

we are human

not fodder for cannons

or grist for Mills.

While our work tedious,

Our hours long,

Though we are lost,

We live still

And answer

To no master

But our selves

at the door