once NOWHERE and NOW HERE [Broken Echoes]

    NOTICE—not ice
   AVERSE—a verse
     ATONE—at one
CURIOUS—curio us
RELATIONSHIP—relations hip
    SNAKESKIN—snakes kin
      PUMPKIN—pump kin
       NAPKIN—nap kin
     SEASON—sea son     
     FATHER—fat her
ANTELOPE—ant  elope
MANSLAUGHTER—mans laughter
   CORNSTALK—corns talk
       BUTTON—butt on
       BARBED—bar bed
      SOLACE—so lace
       LESSON—less on
        OFFICE—off ice
       CARPET—car pet
    CARSEAT—cars eat
    SEALANT—seal ant
  HEATHEN—heat hen
THERAPIST—the rapist
REARRANGE—rear  range
UPHOLSTERED—up holstered
  WARRANTING     war ranting
      TOGETHER      to get her
          IMPACT        imp act
       FALLOW          fall ow
    EARTHEN            ear then
  SEEPAGE              see page
     EDITOR                edit or
NOWHERE                  now here

Ann is a long-time WFOP member and retired teacher, having enjoyed poetry studies at Bjorklunden ( Baileys Harbor), School of the Arts ( Rhinelander), Split Rock Arts  (Duluth), and many Loft classes ( Minneapolis-St. Paul).  Her work has appeared in numerous journals, anthologies, Wisconsin Poets’ Calendars and Museletters.