Rock and Roll Ekphrastic

after Canaletto's Grand Canal

There. On the edge of old Canaletto 

watery half-moons, sharp prows

bilge, barge, & fret an effulgent canal,

Rhaeto-Romanic rock and roll* 


slim in sallow hollows, ginger-apsed

traceries trellis fulvous-faced canals,

fallen empire of barques, debark

bridge of sighs, bridge of spies, carp 


sea-like beneath a green piccolo dome. 

On crescent ends men gondola fish, 

sing silk and spice, inspire aqueous


dreams, scallop and scutter, trawl

fishy souk & ghetto gates lost on a winged

half-croon, floating the turquoise lagoon.



Martha Jackson Kaplan, a Pushcart nominee poet and flash fiction writer, has published in various journals and anthologies. She's twice won or placed in WFOP's Triad Contest. She has recent work at Unlikely Stories, OPE!, and Bending Genres Journal. More about her at