I Like Being Inflated

After Sandra Cisneros

Like a balloon. Like high moon,
cumulus cloud. When you’re 5’3”
and a manatee,
this salt-water drift to
you don’t know where
and yet, don’t care.

I adore this
swollen float. A bounce house
castle of giggle and glee. Ego
a blowfish puffed with air. Spare
tire jacked

on Abbey Road.
Economy on the rise urging
shoppers to buy
ka-ching! ka-ching! Great

Of course, your portable blow-up
doll. Oh, hear me hiss. A hiss
like kiss.

Cathryn Cofell is the author of seven books of poetry, including Sister Satellite. Her work has appeared in 300+ places and earned numerous awards including the Lorine Niedecker prize. She founded the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission, the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poetry Chapbook Prize and Poetry Unlocked. www.cathryncofell.com