between 10 withers & 11 ribs

between 10 withers & 11 ribs

according to the dictionary the horse has 36 parts
as in horse 1a: 1 mouth 2 nose 4 face 12 flank

but then, 19-26: fetlock hoof coronet pastern
cannon hock gaskin stifle

any one of these made by the same god
who said nothing and knew everything

even that one day the throatlatch of leather
would rest just beneath the 34 throatlatch of bone

the pastern extends from the fetlock
to the coffin bone which is enclosed

within the hoof which means it spends
all of its time in darkness but is essential

as light which once at the right slant of day
turned my black cat into a rainbow

I look up every word of the hindleg
and they all refer me back to: see HORSE

illustration, which I carefully slit and lift
from the onion-thin page with a sharp

and nameless knife and paste in my journal
of random thoughts on the same page

where I wrote that we come from a muscle
torn from the place wings would be

if we would have been able to keep them

Jeanie Tomasko & Dog

Jeanie Tomasko did not know she wanted to be a woman with a dog.