Bridges Freeze Before Roads

Bridges freeze before roads
the yellow diamond sign reads
posted at this river crossing
12 months a year.

In Summer,
the knee high by July
green and golden cornfields
crowd and border
this river’s banks.

But this dark March morning
brings the black ice,
and my car does a deli display
of fish tails and donuts,
as the wild Canadian geese
forage and watch
from the frozen marsh.

No heavens open,
no trumpets sound,
no angels proclaim my existence,
leaving me
down in the ditch,
a broken axle,
pissed in my pants,
honking my horn like hell
because I really really
do love Jesus.

Gene James Gilbert

Gene James Gilbert

Gene James Gilbert was born in Chicago in 1949, has worked numerous jobs and lived in various places. He has had several poems, short stories, and one-act plays published & performed. He presently resides & writes in Baraboo, Wisconsin.