A Drop in the Bucket

The drop was part of a Great Flood
that lasted forty days
then percolated to an aquifer,
drawn from a well,
stored in a jar and turned to wine.
It reappeared as an ice crystal
on the beard of
a Federal soldier
during the bitter winter
in Valley Forge.
Years later it showed up as a tear
on the cheek of Jaqueline Kennedy
in a church in 1963.
It evaporated and became part of a storm cloud
that rained into the Cuyahoga river
where it caught fire in Cleveland
and was extinguished
by fellow drops
then rolled over Niagara Falls
without a barrel.
After a trip to Europe
a small part in a pint of Guinness
it snowed down
on top of Mount Everest.
Later the drop crossed the Pacific
and ended up in Dean Martin’s pool.
After a dip, it rode the Jet Stream as a cloud
West to Lake Superior
where it helped sink the Edmund Fitzgerald.

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Jim has two books, Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir, and The Portland House: A ‘70s Memoir. He also has three poetry collections, Written Life, Reciting From Memory and On A Road. His work has been published in many different journals. Jim is Poet Laureate for the Village of Wales.