The Boulevard

We drove the boulevard where we once lived
Stopping briefly to recall parts of our marriage
That seemed so permanent. The maple tree is gone
As is the rhubarb and the lilac bush

We hoped that an existence might transcend
Those clothes and trinkets sold at the last garage sale
I parked down the block and kept the motor running
Lest the house discover us and weep

But then we saw the house had a new face
Like the old face we only knew in photographs
Hanging in the fire station turned a restaurant
A transcendence from elderly to old

Our marriage is approaching fifty years
We quickly leave to take the familiar road
Old houses, old dreams, new paint, anecdotal fluff
We didn’t see a single soul we knew

John Leighton

John Leighton

John Leighton lives on Teal Lake in northwestern Wisconsin. His home points directly east to Paradise Island where throughout the seasons he watches the sun track Paradise end to end.  He published a book of poems Paradise View, Collected Poems in 2013. John is retired, and spends much of his time as a volunteer.