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Three Syllogisms for American Contemporary Poets

Being a poet is a strange thing.

Strangeness, like charity, begins at home.

Therefore, being a poet begins at home.


“Make it new,” Ezra Pound famously stated in regards to writing poetry.

Less famously, Pound lived in Fascist Italy, produced anti-American and anti-Semitic radio broadcasts, and was arrested for treason by the U.S. Army.

Therefore, if you make it new, you may be arrested for treason.


At home, a lot of people are talking about treason these days, but no one is doing anything about it.

Being a poet begins at home.

Therefore, commit poetic treason.

Yours in the struggle,


B.J. Best
Independence Day, 2019


B.J. Best holds an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. He is the author of three books of poetry:  But Our Princess Is in Another Castle (Rose Metal Press, 2013), Birds of Wisconsin (New Rivers Press, 2010), and State Sonnets (sunnyoutside, 2009).  An additional full-length book is forthcoming: the novella-in-verse I got off the train at Ash Lake (sunnyoutside). Best has published four chapbooks: Yes (Parallel Press, 2014); Drag: Twenty Short Poems about Smoking (Centennial Press, 2011); Mead Lake, This (Centennial Press, 2007); and a long poem entitled Crap (Centennial Press, 2005). A fifth chapbook, Everything about Breathing, is newly out from Bent Paddle Press. Best has also written many children’s nonfiction titles through Cavendish Square Publishing. He teaches at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and lives in the Wisconsin countryside with his wife, son, their three cats, and the occasional salamander in their basement.


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What Fun by Ron Czerwien

Ron Czerwien

Ron Czerwien is the owner of Avol’s Books LLC. His poems have appeared online and in print journals. Ron serves as Treasurer on the board of The Council for Wisconsin Writers. A chapbook of his poems, A Little Rain, A Little More, is newly released from Bent Paddle Press.



Constance Bougie is a graduate student at the University of Missouri in Columbia with a Bachelor's in English from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. They edit the lit mag Wilde Boy

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A PROCESS OF ILLUMINATION: Conversations about Erasure Poetry

By B.J. Best & C. Kubasta

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