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Greetings from the Editor

Editing Bramble has been a humbling, gratifying task. There were so many wonderful submissions that I agonized over what to include. But I came away with a renewed appreciation for the talent and diversity of our Fellowship. I hope that you feel the same—whether or not your work appears here—and that you’ll continue to torment future editors with your riches.

In the call for submissions, I asked for poems that demonstrated technique. The essays in this issue explore poetic technique from multiple angles. My interview with spoken-word savant Kavon Cortez Jones looks at the creative process of a rising young flâneur, while seasoned formalist Marilyn Taylor probes one of the mysteries of our craft—the line break—with that wit and sensitivity her readers have come to love.

And speaking of multiple angles: I am thrilled to feature Scott Allen’s Cubist painting “The Swing” on this issue’s cover! The image’s electric palette hooked me instantly. When I realized it depicted a baseball batter in motion, I desperately wanted it for Bramble’s summer release. I’m so grateful to Scott for his generous lending of the image.

I’m also indebted to Christina Kubasta for her tireless managing of submissions, and to Tori Grant Wellhouse for her layout and design. Theirs are entirely labors of love, so please be sure to thank them when you see them!

Finally, a caution. There are dark matters in the poems you’re about to read. They reflect the dire times we live in, as well as grievances which transcend time. I have done my best to arrange them in a way that answers our need for hope—without smothering their howl.

David Southward

David Southward
Guest Editor


Cover Art.JPG

Cover art is “The Swing" by Scott Allen. Allen is originally from Michigan where he attended Central Michigan University as an Art Major. Later he spent a couple years in Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He currently works as a freelance graphic designer in Milwaukee, where he also paints and designs marching band programs.

Allen paints in the Cubist style emphasizing the flat, two-dimensional surface of the picture plane. He presents a different reality in painting where the subject matter is portrayed by geometric, fragmented shapes and forms whose several sides and positions can be seen simultaneously.

See the evolution of "The Swing" from initial inspiration to final painting:



Annette Langlois Grunseth

Growing up in the shadow of WWII my brother
grabs a pear from the Green Stamp fruit bowl,
pulls the stem out with his teeth, pretends to throw it,

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The Poet's Walk

Tom Davis

We kissed his forehead, yellow, cold, inert,
sobbed stunned goodbyes and left his body, drove
to Poet’s Walk above the Hudson* hurt

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Funeral Flowers

Nancy Austin

It was three below zero when she returned from the funeral
to a Fed-Ex bouquet box left on the deck.

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What is a Scar

Jackie Langetieg

but a reminder
of things past.

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Michael Forecki

Let’s be still, scream if it helps, join the rain
pounding these streets. It’s all wrong:
we can’t sleep, can’t wake, making
love is a seizure and the sheets bind us.

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Nursing Exam

Sheryl Slocum

Just left of the midline in the epigastric region, the nurse sees a
pulsation about 3 cm wide. What is it?
(Select one.)

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When X = Invisible

Brian Powers

How long
   did my
      inner analyst
         work unknown

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About a Body

Emily Bowles

[I cannot say
what it             is                      about,
this disappearing act,
this refusal

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Saturday Pancakes & Hash at Perkins

Jordan Brown

I’m trying to think of something to say:
clear and defined but hard to build
like medial triceps.

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What has grown --
     what has fallen --

Amy Murre

I am running on sturdy legs, real within a
pink sweater. I am all the things you

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Wild Thing

Peggy Trojan

Deep in a secret place
is a part of me
not many know.

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Dragonflies & Chocolate

Dawn Anderson

Watching the hard feeding dragonflies
litter the air
as I burn deer ticks
picked off my tickly skin.

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And They Called Him Cain

Abayomi Animashaun

Let’s not sour our hearts
At this child,

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Rebirth of the Silver Water Pitcher

Linda Aschbrenner

With the help of a yardstick,
I slide mysteries out of our corner cupboard
discovering vases, candlesticks, plastic bowls,
salt and pepper shakers lost to the ages.

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Grandmother Rubicon Teaches
Madeline to Make Crepes

Kim Parsons

Never use an electric blender, Madeline. It is gauche,
despite what Julia Child says. I met her once.

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The Mechanics of Time-Space as Experienced in a Rear View Mirror

Lisa Vihos

We pull up to the curb
a block from the middle school.

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Modern Family Diaspora

Tonya McKenna Trabant

Like having way too many beautiful fish to fillet
each time knowing the knife
is at the right angle
to avoid bones and save flesh

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Constance Bougie

There is no god if I do not open the window. On the ninth floor of
North Scott—residence hall—my room is impenetrable. I was
raised a Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Lutheran: my skin
is impenetrable. It only yields to pretty older people with soft-
looking hair. They have to like poetry. They have to be aromantic.

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Lunch Time

Pauline Witte

Four students sit, sprawl, lie propped on elbows
on the landing of a high school stairwell.
Dressed in jeans, hoodies, and flip flops

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Night Ride

Ethel Davis

Come with me,
down to where the trees are,
for there is a line of sky
without clouds,

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Lunar Disrespect

Mary Lux

Moon, old streetwalker,
            alone as usual,
            hanging out in the sky mall

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Heavenly Bodies

Victoria Lindsay

Venus, the official website:
Models, slimmed by
straight long hair and
legs squeezed into each other,

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Extras_300 dpi.jpg

Love Letter to Milwaukee:
A Conversation with Kavon Cortez Jones

By David Southward



The Subversive Power of the Line Break

By Marilyn L. Taylor


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